Ultrasonic Scaling

Scaling and root planning is also known by other titles like conventional periodontal therapy, deep cleaning or surgical periodontal therapy. It is a process wherein the dental plaque and calculus (tartar) is removed, followed by the smoothing or the planning of the surface of the roots that are uncovered. This involves the use of extraordinary instruments and or devices to loosen and take out deposits from the teeth. Commonly, an Ultrasonic machine is used.As it is identified to all that dental plaque is the main/primary causative agent of periodontal disease. If left uncleaned over time, it leads to the accumulation of harder deposits called calculus around & below the teeth or gums & devastates one’s oral health situation. In order to attain oral health free of disease causing bacteria, a careful & precise dental cleaning is needed.

The goal of Dental cleaning or non-surgical periodontal therapy specifies maintenance of good oral health via removal of the calculus & plaque from your teeth with no injury to the roots of teeth.