Painless Extractions

A dental extraction is the subtraction of a tooth from the mouth. Extractions are performed for a wide variation of reasons, including extensive tooth decay & impactions (problematic wisdom teeth). Tooth extraction can be a painless procedure. Tooth extractions at Teeth & More are carried out under local anesthetic to make extractions as painless as possible. We use periotomes and luxators and a gentle extraction method to preserve as much jaw bone as possible. This is important as this will ensure minimal post-operative pain and swelling, and will also help bone retention for future implant work. Bone retention is also important aesthetically as it eludes the "sunken in appearance" that people with dental bone loss have.

Our expert dentists take special care and use the most advanced practices to make your extraction procedure relaxed and painless; yet at an affordable price. Plan an appointment now to discuss your oral care needs and to find out if a tooth extraction is in your future.