Dental Implants

If you are looking to have Dental Implants than Kundra Dental Clinic is the perfect clinic for you. We have the implantologist with us, who have revealed outstanding results in executing the surgical procedure of Dental Implants efficiently.

A Dental Implant or a Tooth Implant is an artificial tooth structure placed by a dental specialist (implantologist) in the place of missing tooth space. Since they are made up of medical grade IIITitanium, it provides great strength and serves as anew tooth that can withstand all types of masticatory forces of mouth.

Dental implants can advantage many different patients. Nearly everyone with a lost tooth or teeth and is in good health can sign up for dental implant treatment. Certain critical health situations like diabetes and habits like smoking can substantially decrease the success rate of the treatment. However, there are very few instances where implants cannot be used completely.